One thought to “Romps: The Movie”

  1. Too English to laugh out loud reading this wonderful book on the tube so I had to wet myself instead. Great to see so many overused words skewered. Could I add a couple?

    Love child: what I can’t be as my loving parents were married
    Unsettled (of a footballer): greedy, probably with an even greedier agent
    Iconic: something we’ve heard of (thanks for nailing this one – now have a go at curated)
    Influential group of MPs: a Select Committee – a Select Committee, for goodness’ sake
    …gate (suffix): a new scandal some hack (but no one else) needs to find a name for
    Notorious: any prison outside the UK (as opposed to the glorious hotels we’re all queuing up to get into here)
    Top (e.g. cop, doctor, etc): 1. Someone important who’s said something to embarrass the Government. 2. Someone we want to pull off a pedestal. 3. Both 1 and 2.
    By the way, ‘hero’ also refers to any American who dies, anywhere outside the US of A.

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