Would They Lie To You?

Buy it on Amazon, if you likeWould They Lie To You?, the follow-up to the quite-well-selling Romps, Tots & Boffins… is out now. The Mail called it “brutally funny”.

Where Romps dealt with the sometimes-shifty language of newspapers, Lie deals with, well, everyone else. In particular, the people who want your time, your money or your votes.

You can think of it as a spotters’ guide to evasion, or as a handbook for success.

You can see some extracts here, and what people think of it here. I also Storified part of the creative process.

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2 Responses to Would They Lie To You?

  1. Kev says:

    Thanks. Really enjoying this, laughing insanely. I finally realised why so many politicians get away with their evasions. It’s not idiot journos as I thought, but speakers in control.

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