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Romps – The Radio Show

Radio 4’s Word of Mouth did a whole half hour on journalese, in which I barely plugged the book at all. Listen here.

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How To Give An Unapology

This extract from the still-being-written next book seemed timely…

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Would They Lie To You?

Would They Lie To You?, the follow-up to the quite-well-selling Romps, Tots & Boffins… is out now. The Mail called it “brutally funny”. Where Romps dealt with the sometimes-shifty language of newspapers, Lie deals with, well, everyone else. In particular, the people who want … Continue reading

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Romps, Tots and Boffins – the strange language of news

Where is drunken vandalism always a “booze-fuelled rampage?” Where is everyone in uniform a “hero” and every thief “heartless”? Where are market towns always “bustling” and villages “sleepy”? Journalese is the language of news. It’s a strange language, a little … Continue reading

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Romps: The Movie

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Sky Sources – An Apology

A Huffington Post piece in which I discover what “Sky sources” really means.

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“Hutton has set himself up as the Dr Johnson of this strange, widely read, hardly spoken, language”

Matthew Engel reviews Romps for the FT, and concludes that you should buy it, and I should write a second edition. Hard to argue.

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Political scandals – a primer

Ever wondered how political scandals progress? All is revealed:

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Well, this one’s pretty self-explanatory

“Die fremdsprachfaulen Engländer haben entdeckt, dass sie eine zweite Sprache beherrschen…”

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“I arrived under cover of darkness…”

I went on the BBC World Service, and offered them a view of London, through the eyes of a foreign correspondent fluent in journalese…

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