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Rob Hutton seriousAs UK political correspondent for Bloomberg News, I can be seen wandering into shot on 24-hour news, or phoning in copy in the background during prime ministerial trips abroad. It was during one of those trips, waiting for a 4am plane in Jordan, that I tweeted a list of words only used by journalists. Five months later I had a book deal. Funny old world.

Before joining Bloomberg in 2004, I worked at the Mirror and Financial Times. Having read Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University, I’m the only member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery to have built a rugby-playing robot. Arguably my most notable contribution to journalism has been the introduction of the ‘news sandwich’ to the political lexicon, on a story I wrote with my colleague Kitty Donaldson. It got onto Have I Got News For You at the time, and you can read it here.

I live in south east London with my wife and sons. In 2002, I helped to set up Christians in Journalism, which is now part of the MediaNet.

4 Responses to About me

  1. Steven Booth says:

    Hello Robert, I am researching T E Lawrence’s (aka T.Ross/T.Shaw) activity just prior to his death in 1935 and wondered if you had come across any links to him during your research/writing of Agent Jack? Excellent reading btw, struggling to put the thing down!

    • robhutton says:

      Hi there, I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book. I didn’t come across TE Lawrence at all, I’m afraid – not really the period I was focusing on. Have you tried James Barr’s “A Line In The Sand”?

  2. Steven booth says:

    Yes, I have that book and many others of the same ilk. Thank you for your response and I’m back on your book now that I’ve returned from France….fascinating stuff

  3. Rachel says:

    Just read your report on BJ’s car crash, hilarious and spot on!

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