The next book: Agent Jack

I’m very excited to announce my next book, Agent Jack: The True Story of MI5’s Secret Nazi Hunter.

In 1942, MI5 faced a puzzle. They’d spent the first three years of World War II convinced that Germany had a “fifth column” of British traitors, ready to rise up and assist in an invasion. But the spy-hunters hadn’t been able to find any trace of such an organisation. What they had kept finding was people who wanted to join it. So MI5 decided they might as well set the group up themselves. For the next three years, a small team within the Security Service patiently collected British Nazi sympathisers, keeping them busy but out of harm’s way. The team was made up of Victor Rothschild, peer of the realm, scientist and bomb-defuser; his “assistant” Theresa Clay, a famous biologist with a complicated personal life; and the star of the operation, Eric Roberts.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Roberts was apparently an ordinary clerk, commuting in every day to the Euston Road branch of the Westminster Bank. But he had another life, in which his astonishing skill as a secret agent was revealed.

As the war progressed, these three catalogued hundreds of British people who were willing to risk the noose to help Germany. But when peace came in 1945, MI5 faced a new problem: what to do with them all?

The book will be out on September 6 from Weidenfeld & Nicolson and is available to order from Amazon.

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Would They Lie To You?

Buy it on Amazon, if you likeWould They Lie To You?, the follow-up to the quite-well-selling Romps, Tots & Boffins… is out now. The Mail called it “brutally funny”.

Where Romps dealt with the sometimes-shifty language of newspapers, Lie deals with, well, everyone else. In particular, the people who want your time, your money or your votes.

You can think of it as a spotters’ guide to evasion, or as a handbook for success.

You can see some extracts here, and what people think of it here. I also Storified part of the creative process.

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Romps, Tots and Boffins – the strange language of news

Romps papers.jpg largeWhere is drunken vandalism always a “booze-fuelled rampage?”
Where is everyone in uniform a “hero” and every thief “heartless”?
Where are market towns always “bustling” and villages “sleepy”?

Journalese is the language of news. It’s a strange language, a little like English. I’ve been working around native speakers for two decades, living as one of them and learning their ways, and in my book, Romps, Tots and Boffins – The Strange Language of News, I make their secrets available to the public for the first time. You don’t need to thank me.

You can read some of the funny bits, see what people are saying or just take my word for it that it’s a “must read laugh-a-minute page-turner” and buy it from Waterstones, or The Book Depository, or your local bookshop. Or, you know, order it from Amazon.

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Romps: The Movie

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Would They Lie To You? Free Extract


Want to get a flavour of the new book? Here’s a free extract…

Would They Lie To You preview

And there’s more here…

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In Defence of the Meaningless Speech

I went on the Today programme, to argue that when the news is bad, uncommunication is by far the best policy.

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Would They Lie To You? – on the Daily Politics

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The Journalese Row Scale


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Romps – The Radio Show

Radio 4’s Word of Mouth did a whole half hour on journalese, in which I barely plugged the book at all.

Listen here.

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How To Give An Unapology

This extract from the still-being-written next book seemed timely…


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